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 Delta County Options for Long Term Care

Single Entry Point Access to Medicaid

Long Term Care


The OLTC/SEP Agency oversees admission to a variety of long term care waivers programs, long term care home health benefits, nursing home admissions, Home Care Allowance, and Adult Foster Care. All programs have income and resource limits as part of the admittance to Medicaid. This Agency reports to Colorado Health Care Policy and Financing, a branch of Colorado government.


Services available include:


Home and Community Based Services

      Personal care and homemaking

      Respite care

      Adult Day Care

      Assisted living

      Electronic monitoring

      Non-medical transportation

      Consumer Directed Attendant Support


Home Care Allowance – a State funded program that offers a special allowance

paid to a Medicaid recipient to secure services needed in the home


Long Term Care Home Health – complete the assessment and authorize services for Medicaid long term care home health


Nursing facility admission – complete the assessment for Medicaid admission to a nursing facility


Case Management – coordinate and monitor services, monitor recipient safety issues, mediate conflicts and problems in service delivery


Referral – act as a clearing house/referral source for information on long term care choices to all area residents





Delta County Options for Long Term Care is a sponsor of Delta County Senior Resource Council and can be reached at (970) 872-1000.   OR  http://www.deltacounty.com/index.aspx?NID=97