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Sure, volunteering is great for your community and makes the world a better place; but could it actually make a positive impact on your life too?

Volunteering can improve your health, build your confidence, introduce you to new people, and create more fun in your life.

Whether you donate blood, or spend the morning planting flowers in a community garden,  there are volunteering opportunties for everyone in every place to fit every schedule.

A Cornell University Study found that volunteering boosts self-esteem, energy and gives Americans a sense of mastery over their lives, particularly in later midlife.

Volunteer Resource Guide

Delta County Partners     874-4661   Opportunities include; mentoring youth with one year commitment, fund raising.

VA Medical Services     244-1336   Opportunities include; Transportation, Life Stories for the Library of Congress.

Parks & Outdoors Recreation Sweitzer   874-4258  Crawford Reservoir

Area Nursing Homes – Opportunities include; activities, crafts, companionship:   Comfort Care 874-0604 —–Crossroads Assisted Living 874-1421—–Delta House 874-4448 —- Horizons 835-3113 Paonia Care and Rehab  527-4837  —– Sunrise Creek Senior Living 874-1413            Willow Tree Nursing Home 874-9773

PACE-(Program for All-inclusive Care for Elderly)    835-8500  Opportunities include; recreational activities, crafts

Schools Inquire with principles of school of your choice. Background check and approval from board required.

District Office  874-4438 -Delta-874-8003, 874-3700, 874-9669, 874-8031                 Cedaredge-856-3885, 856-3118, 856-6882          Crawford-921-4935                          Hotchkiss-872-3325-872-3882          Paonia-527-3639, 527-4833, 527-4882

Special Events Call Delta Area Chamber 970 874 8681 for more information  regarding Council Tree Pow-Wow–Deltarado Days         AppleFest         Cherry Days         Little Britches                   Pioneer Days         Delta County Fair         Sheepdog Trials

R.S.V.P.(Retired Senior Volunteer Program)   249-9639

Hospice & Palliative Care of Western Colorado  Opportunities include; Working with patients and families, resale store, administrative, Teens and Children programs-Camp Good Grief, bereavement, Denim & Diamonds Gala. Delta County– 874-6823

Senior Meals on Wheels Service

Opportunities includes: Meals on Wheels, Senior van drivers, shopping, Dr. appointments, meal site help.         Delta 874-7661   Cedaredge-856-3636    Hotchkiss-872-3494         Paonia–- 527-3435

Delta County Memorial Hospital   874-7681     “ Pink Ladies” Opportunities includes;  Greeters, information, gift shop, clerical, special projects.
Area Chamber of Commerce
Opportunities includes; Greet visitor, answer phone and mailings, compile information & research.     Delta-874-8616         Cedaredge-856-6961   Crawford -921-4000   Hotchkiss-872-3226         Paonia -527-3886
Area Libraries
Opportunities include; clerical, sorting, greeting check with each library.          Delta-874-9630         Cedaredge-856-3518         Crawford-921-3500         Hotchkiss-872-4153         Paonia-527-3470
Delta County Election & Voters– 874-2150
Opportunities includes; election judging,
Museums and Historical Societies        PioneerTown              Hotchkiss Fairground         CSU Extension-Tri-River 874-2195         Delta Museum-874-8721         Cedaredge Historical Society         Crawford-Hotchkiss Historical Society and Museum    872-3780
North Fork Recreation District        872-6122
Opportunities include; summer and spring help with gardening and painting.
Surface Creek Saddle Club      856-6011
Food Banks-Food Pantries            Delta– 874-3300                Paonia-527-6252 527-4644         Hotchkiss-872-3540          Cedaredge-856-6202
Share Colorado      835-3772
Habitat for Humanity     874-0461
Opportunities includes; All kinds of building trades, skilled and unskilled.
North Fork Ambulance   872-4303   Opportunities include; Drivers
Hotchkiss Volunteer Fire Dept.     872-3315
Humane Society  (ask for Jackie)     874-4785
Tri County Resource Center  874-4941
Opportunities include; transportation
Head Start      874-9531
Adopt  a Highway  CDOT      249-5285
Pregnancy Resource Center   874-5733
Delta Culture & Parks            874-7973

There are many and varied opportunities to volunteer for in our communities.  This is just a few of those opportunities.  Please call and inquire where you feel you could help.

Being a volunteer is a state of mind.  It can be something that we do for a hour or two every week or month or it can be a one-time thing.  It is something thoroughly enjoyable and fulfilling and it is such a pity that more of us don’t do it more often.  Whether you donate blood, spend the morning planting flowers in a community garden, conduct a bake sale, run a marathon, train your pet to be a therapy animal and take it to nursing homes…there are volunteer opportunities for every one, in every place, to fit every schedule.

I think it is really important to think of volunteering as something we do for our own happiness and well-being rather than some form of charity that we do for others.  As giving BACK; as gratitude for all our good fortune, rather than simply as giving something away as if we were such magnanimous souls.  As something we do on an every day ( or weekly or monthly) basis as an integral part of our lives rather than something we plan to do in the intangible future, in that mythical moment  “when I have more time”.  I say– the time is now!

Do something good for yourself–-become a volunteer. 

 Do We Have As Much Sense As A Goose?

By Akbar Khan,Toronto9/03

A flock of geese flying in a formation “V”

Much research reveals what you do not see

Each bird in front by flapping its wing

Creates an uplift for the goose following

Flying in “V” formation they change

By 71% plus their flying range

Common direction and a sense of community

Our efforts become quick and easy

If a goose falls out of formation by chance

It feels greater drag and resistance

If we have as much sense as a goose we’ll stay

In formation with those headed our way

When tired the lead goose rotates to the rear

Another taking its place in the air

It pays, while doing hard jobs, to take turns

Thus no one is over burdened or get burned

The geese in the back honk from behind

Encouraging, gentle and kind

We must encourage others as they strive

To meet the daily grind of life

If a goose gets sick and or wounded

If for some reason it gets grounded

Two geese fall out of formation

They keep it company and for protection

Stay with it until it flies or dies

Such are the depths of their ties

If we humans have the sense of a goose

Their way of life is what we’d choose