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Rehabilitation is assisting an individual in returning to your prior level of functioning in daily life after an illness, injury or surgery.  Your care may include the services of a Physical Therapist (PT) or Occupational Therapist (OT) or Speech Language Pathologist (ST or SLP). In addition to outpatient care in an extended care facility where you stay 24 hours a day, you may receive care in your home (see Home Health) or at an outpatient clinic (see Rehabilitation Outpatient Care). Talk to your physician and get answers to your questions before making your decision.


QUESTIONS TO ASK: In addition to the Outpatient Care questions –

1. If I’m not feeling well, is it possible to have meals in my room?

2. What are the social opportunities in your facility?

3. How involved is your therapy department in my daily activities?

4. How do you manage roommate incompatibility?

5. What are your bathing routines? Who staffs this? Is it possible to have more frequent baths?

6. What percentage of your current patients are in my age range?

7. Do you accommodate special diets?

8. Are medications covered with room and board?

9. How many days per week is therapy provided?


The following businesses are participating members of Delta County Senior Resource Council.

Montrose Memorial Hospital – Acute Rehab  (970) 252 2996

Horizon’s Health Care Center and Retirement Community (835-3113)

Paonia Care and Rehabilitation Center (527-4837)

San Juan Living Center  (970) 249 1823

You are urged to contact all programs in your area and become an informed consumer.