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 Some Insurance Agents have particular expertise with the senior population and can offer an integrated service which can include planning and implementation of life insurance, retirement, long-term care protection, and estate planning. Request a complimentary consultation and ask if they are willing to call on expert resource associates when warranted.





1. What are your Qualifications (tenure, experience in Delta County, training, designations, references)?


2. Do you offer a variety of products?

3. What are the A.M.Best and Standard & Poors ratings for the companies you are recommending?

4. You’ve told us the advantages of choosing this product.  What are the disadvantages/limitations? (surrender charges, annual fees, qualification triggers)

5. How will this impact my existing plans (life insurance, long-term care insurance, estate plans, investments, bank accounts)?

6.  What do I lose if I change my mind? (in 10 days, 30 days after contract is delivered, in one year)





French Insurance and Financial Services is a participating member of Delta County Senior Resource Council and can be reached at (970) 835-3821.                    .



You are urged to contact all programs in your area and become an informed consumer.